New brand, new logo, new domain name ... Welcome to the future! Soon you'll find a nice set of crisp leafy websites under my new domain it-enthusiast. Now you can even choose which design suits your eyes the best.

The reason why I gave rise to the fresh start by it-enthusiast is quite simple. I do love simple, elegant & minimalist design, but I also got materialized. Each design is good at something. But none of them is bad enough to get ignored. So I brought up the fresh it-enthusiast - and there's more to come.

Don't get offended by the OS-connection. I really don't stick you in a box - dependend on your choosen (mobile) OS. I just wanted to limn the different designs with some given UI-designs. So therefore I chose iOS and Android.

Btw. I'm searching for someone to beef up the Android launcher world with an esthetic minimal design!

it-enthusiast is much more minimalistic and much more material that it's predecessors. With these themings I tried to bring to the web beautiful Minimalist Style and gorgeous Material Design.

Have a look yourself. Choose your preferred version below and enjoy!